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There are more than 8 Million athletes playing high school sports in America. Less  than 1% will get a full athletic scholarship to Division I schools.  Most athletes wait too long hoping to get discovered, and therefore miss the once in a lifetime chance. Even if the college coaches know who you are the process is still tedious  and confusing.



100% Success , 3 Consecutive Years!

You must start this process as early as your Freshman year in high school. Receiving letters does not mean you are getting recruited, you do not get discovered at camps,  scouts rarely attend games, and high school coaches do not have the time to do the  process for you. Perfect Recruits will increase your odds of getting the scholarship you deserve.

Don’t Get Left Out of The Process!

The college recruiting process has become tougher and more competitive throughout  the last 20 years. Many great student athletes go un-noticed because they simply  do not know the process of college recruiting and or start too late. Perfect Recruits specializes in the exposure of student–athletes to college coaches.



Meet Our National Scouting Director, Lou Hernandez.

“Hoping for a scholarship is a wonderful thing, but it is not a plan.”

 ” I am so proud to say that we have completed placing our 2015 class, and again for the 3rd year in a row we placed 100% of all OUR PROSPECTS! 

If you are like most student athletes, you are busy attending college showcases and tournaments and unfortunately spending lots on money to showcase and be seen.  


Perfect Recruits is a much better way to showcase yourself and more affordable too”.      -Lou Hernandez


A Dream of obtaining a College Scholarship can be a Reality

The Course of Action.

 Perfect Recruits can chart a course for you to be recruited by colleges and ultimately receive the college scholarship you have always dreamed of.   Are you getting the attention you would like from college coaches? We can get you in front of every college  coach of your sport in America.

Get Recruited NOW!

The time you have to be recruited by colleges is precious and is gone before you know it. Do not delay, nor expect to be discovered    by the colleges. College coaches only recruit players that they already know of and or have been highly recommended.  Playing sports in college is the opportunity of a lifetime; you will not have a second chance to be recruited.

We Work For You!

Perfect Recruits  goes to work for you 24/7 throughout your high school and junior college career. Our scouts are right in your area scouting prospects, and evaluating talent as well as talking with college coaches about the student-athlete prospects we represent. Perfect Recruits is the right choice for you in your college scholarship search.


We Are The Professionals!

Perfect Recruits is the Premier College Recruiting Service in America. Colleges of every level have come to rely on us to provide them with ONLY qualified student-athletes that can play sports at the college level. We are the best independent scouting service in America; 100% of our prospects received offers from colleges in the past 3 years.

The Perfect Recruits Advantage.

Our Field Scouts work directly with our Scouting Directors to ensure that every student-athlete in our program is screened and his/her talents are evaluated and qualified as a college level student-athlete prospect. We offer the most comprehensive and personalized  student-athlete prospect promotional programs. Perfect Recruits program WORKS!!!

Where Will I Play?

Perfect Recruits.com works in compliance with NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA guidelines. We scout, and sponsor national and regional tournaments in search of the Perfect Recruit to fill the requests we receive from coaches throughout the country on the players they  are looking for in their programs. We are the main source of recruiting for many college programs.


Perfect Recruits, is assisting 250,000 High School Student Athletes obtain the BEST COLLEGE EDUCATION IN AMERICA!