Wanna Play College Sports?

PERFECT RECRUITS specializes in recruiting, and marketing high school athletes to college coaches in order for them to receive athletic scholarships and save money off college tuition. College education comes first, “Playing the Sport” makes this possible. Do not leave the college recruiting process to chance. We are the Professionals!

Is This Your Dream?


We represent the student athletes in a manner that no one else can. Playing the sport alone does not guarantee that you will be seen by college coaches. Sports are competitive. Student athletes hire personal trainers and strength coaches. Why go at the college recruiting process without a professional working for you?


Parents will have tremendous savings off college tuition by obtaining an athletic scholarship for the student athlete. Student athletes will have the opportunity to live out their dream of playing college sports. Getting a college education at a savings and living out a dream of playing college sports. Everyone WINS!


Our Personalized Service

Strong moral values, Honesty, Integrity and Dedication are the required standards for all of our personnel. We realize that we are changing the lives of student athletes and giving them a chance to live a dream and better their lives. It is this principle that allows leaders to emerge, winners to come forth and victory to be achieved.

Our Specialized Relationships.

We provide our prospects with a comprehensive and personalized marketing and exposure package that includes online campaigns with personalized website of the prospect, direct mailings and personal interviews and referrals to college coaches throughout the US. We have the experience and successful track record you need.


Our Technology

PERFECT RECRUITS  is the pioneer in the college athletic scholarship recruiting industry. We use state of the art technologies and rely on the largest college recruiting network in the nation.


College Coaches Trust Us!

We have direct contact with over 35,000 college coaches at over 1700 colleges throughout the US. For the last 3 years 100% of OUR PROSPECTS have received college scholarship opportunities






Evaluation Process

There are a variety of college athletic scholarships available. Also a variety of different levels of placement. Your Free Athletic Evaluation is important. In many cases student athlete and their parents do not realize the opportunities that are available for them. It is for this reason we provide all high school students with this FREE SERVICE.

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It is important for any student athlete who is serious about playing sports at the next level to know their possibilities regarding eligibility requirements in obtaining a scholarship. Through our nationwide program, “All High School Students” may Apply On-line or call 1-866-894-0040 to request their FREE STUDENT ATHLETE EVALUATION.

What We Do WORKS!

Our athletic scholarship recruiting program WORKS! Exposing student athletes to as many college programs in the nation will ensure that they will be in the best position to make the best decision of their lives. We can assist the qualified student athlete in finding the right college to fit his/her academic and athletic needs. Call us TODAY!

Perfect Recruits, is assisting 250,000 High School Student Athletes obtain the BEST COLLEGE EDUCATION IN AMERICA!